Martin Wilson REALTOR, FTBS, GHS
Proudly serving Orange County as a real estate consultant for over 40 years.

  • Bought and sold all within a month. Marty was an essential key to this success. Patient and thorough, full of information, goes above and beyond for his clients.
    Name: Barbara N.

  • I felt I was always in capable hands with you in my corner. Your existence and knowledge of so many aspects of this process was invaluable. as well as your willingness to always make yourself available to me.
    Name: Janice C.

  • Marty showed us his vast experience as a Realtor. His innovation was shown in creative staging, creating a focal point in each room and his knowledge of pricing. We would definitely recommend Marty to those looking for a Realtor.
    Name: Kandice & David C.

  • Marty is everything you want in your real estate agent. He is very professional, knowledgeable about the market & realistic. Marty is very responsive whether email, text, or phone; he is very organized, diligent in following up and patiently walks you through what can be a stressful process. We would highly recommend Marty to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property.
    Name: Greg & Carol H.

  • Throughout the entire process Marty was always available, prompt and professional in answering any question I had.

    Selling or buying a home can be one of the most stressful events in your life, Marty is such a good soul, always pleasant, calm and positive, he keeps you calm when you start to feel anxious. He heads off any unnecessary problems that can arise because of his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the real estate profession and his great attention to detail.

    Marty has now assisted my family in buying two houses and selling one, so I can highly recommend him whether you're buying OR selling.
    Name: Donna R.

  • "I will never be able to tell you how much of an impact you have made on my family. I knew that I made the greatest decision seven years ago when I met you at that open house. Every time I see my boys happy in their backyard or in their own rooms I will be thinking of the person who made that happen. When I see Kam in his downstairs office and enjoying his own space I'll know that it wasn't made possible without a dedicated, smart, and driven realtor who was determined to get this girl, who grew up in apartment after apartment, a place to call home. I will never pick any other realtor in the future or not pass your name to my family and friends. My brother is next, and you will definitely be highly recommended to him. You were like the father I never had; thankful for that guidance you gave Kam and myself all the way through this long process. You really did support us on everything. And I truly did appreciate your humor. I know this won't be the last time our paths cross. Thank You again from the bottom of my heart and from my lil gang of boys. I simple love ya."
    Name: Courtney K

  • As a first time seller I cannot imagine going through this process with anyone other than Marty. His knowledge and detail to all aspects of real estate gave me a sense of security. His ethics and tireless work efforts were refreshing, not to mention he saved me $16,000.00 in closing costs. I would do business with him any day. Thank you Marty!
    Name: Larry C.

  • "My Wife and I gave Martin 5 Stars. He is an excellent Realtor, very professional, by the Book. Martin was so very helpful in our purchase of my 1st home. Martin showed us many homes in Riverside County Corona. He was very helpful in discussing repairs. For a "first-time" buyer or anyone who has done this before, please contact Martin, he walks you through.....step by step until his client is happy. Thank you Martin for your patience and understanding while we were searching for my home.” We would highly recommend Martin for Buying or Selling. We Thank Martin for His Patience and Professionalism and Knowledge"
    Name: Bill & Chin H.

  • "I had an amazing experience working with Marty. He was extremely helpful in my purchase of my first home and went far and beyond my expectations to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend using him with buying or selling.
    Name: Kyle R.

  • "What I love about Marty is that he's practical, logical, goes by the numbers and makes decisions and recommendations off the data. That helps for someone like me who can let emotions guide selling/buying decisions He has so much experience with structural aspects of homes that he's invaluable at pointing out aspects of homes that could be 1) a problem, 2) an easy fix, 3) not worth it. He's a great person to go through a real estate deal with, both buying and selling."
    Name: Chelsea G.

  • "We have used Martin for a rental in the past and as a result of our fantastic experience, we continued to utilize his services with our first home purchase. Please read my previous very detailed review, all of which applies to this transaction as well. He has walked us through every step and any difficult part of the process as well as negotiation and has been nothing but outstanding. His professionalism and standards are extraordinary, and once again he has met and exceeded our expectations. Martin is extremely personable, responsive and most importantly just a good person, someone who loves what he does with the most respect to his clients as he literally goes above and beyond for all your needs. Since the house we found is absolutely perfect and it is unlikely we would be in need of a new house anytime soon I will only use Martin if we ever do. I would highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs."
    Name: Taras & Maria P.

  • "Marty is a great Realtor across all phases of the buying and/or selling experience. He recently represented us as our buying agent and we are so glad we chose him. His extensive knowledge of the Real Estate profession coupled by his patience and dedication to his clients is simply exemplary. With this purchase there were challenges that came about due to the Escrow process and an inexperienced agent on the other side. Marty put in the extra effort on a continual basis to identify and correct errors in the various documents as well as keep the process moving along to ensure our desired dates were achieved. Marty truly represents the best for his clients and we will use him again for any Realtor needs we have and we recommend him to anyone who is seeking a Realtor who is both an Expert in the field and process as well as a very enjoyable Professional to work with across the entire process."
    Name: Dave & Jane S.

  • "Martin is a truly great realtor and even better person. He will work hard to find you your perfect home. He showed us homes in 10 different cities all around Orange County and was happy to do so. I will be recommending Martin to all of our family and friends. He really made our home hunt as pain free and pleasant as possible."
    Name: Dustin & Kerri H.

  • "My husband and I give Marty 5 stars! He was an incredible realtor. 
    - He was super patient with us. As new home buyers we had a lot of questions about the process, and not once did we feel like an inconvenience. He was so attentive and always responded to us in a timely manner. 
    - Trustworthy! Most realtors my husband I met, gave us a "car salesman" vibe. Not Marty! He is a great person and is open and honest with you; which my husband and I really appreciated. 
    - His background as an architect was an added bonus! When we walked through potential homes, Marty was able to discuss with us the types of repairs we could do on our own versus the ones that would be better to contract out. His knowledge was SO helpful! 
    - Marty would email us potential homes right when they came on the market. Since homes were being snatched up pretty quickly, we really appreciated this! 
    - He was always on time to our meetings and would show us homes at times that worked with our schedules, even if it was in the evening. 
    - We never felt pushed or rushed in to buying. He genuinely wanted what was best for us as his clients. 
    - He goes above and beyond what's expected! 
    Marty is an incredible realtor and my husband and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
    Name: Lisa & Zach M.

  • "My wife met Marty in an open house in August 2015. I was in the car babysitting our newborn son. Marty told her she may not yet be ready to be a homeowner. Most people would have been offended and thought it was a rude comment, but we appreciated the honesty and really shows Marty’s character to not just want to sell a home to make a commission. He wanted us to make sure we were in a good spot and enjoyed and loved being homeowners when the time was right for us.

    Fast forward to 2021, three kids later and we were ready. After working with another Realtor due to my stubbornness, my wife reminded me how wonderful Marty was and that first impression he had left on her. So, we made the call and five minutes into the call we knew Marty was going to be awesome to work with as our Realtor. He is so detailed, so dedicated, committed to his clients. For us we always thought we were his only clients. You feel like a celebrity when working with Marty because he is always available for calls, emails and random text messages. He always responded. We appreciated his honesty the whole time even the time we did not want to. His knowledge about the market, the home, the surrounding areas it just amazing. He helped us through the emotional part of buying a home in southern California in 2021 where homes are selling in 1-2 days. Marty did not break a sweat, he always said we will find you a home. He never said house because he wanted us to have a home and we did.

    It is very surreal, but on the very last house we went to see, I had to stay behind to watch the kids and my wife and Marty went to the open house appointment but this time we were ready to be homeowners and we are thanks to Marty. We cannot thank him enough for going over and beyond to exceed our expectations."
    Name: Kam K.

  • "I highly recommend Martin Wilson as a Realtor. Martin is by your side from the start of this process, throughout the househunting and continues to be there as you move into your new home or condo. He listens to your "wish list" but also enables the client to look outside the box. His exceptional experience in architecture is an added bonus to the clients, giving the homeowner a new vision for their place. For a "first-time" buyer or anyone who has done this before, please contact Martin, he walks you through.....step by step until his client is happy. Thank you Martin for your patience and understanding while I was searching for my home.”
    Name: Colleen W.

  • "Martin Wilson helped my wife and I lease our house. He was involved in all aspects of preparing the house, finding a tenant, and handling all paperwork involved in securing the lease. This entire process was a new experience for us, but Marty provided expert guidance and assistance during the entire process, and made sure every little detail with the lease agreement and other documents was taken care of. This was no small task. On top of everything, it took him just a day to find a quality tenant. I highly recommend Martin Wilson for any type of real estate transaction. He is professional, respectful, reliable, and highly skilled."
    Name: John & Kim G.

  • "Marty asked questions to help me find the right home for me. He was able to only find houses that met my criteria so that we didn't waste time in looking at homes that weren't a match. I found him to be very well versed in all aspects of real estate. Even more so than other realtors we had to deal with along our venture. I recommend Marty Wilson to others that are in the market of selling or buying a house.”
    Name: Larry W.

  • "I was a first time buyer which can be a bit overwhelming, but Martin made the process so easy for me, despite a few hurdles during the transaction. His knowledge and attention to details gave me confidence in making my decision. I would definitely recommend Martin if you are a first time buyer like me or not. He even took care of some work in my home before I moved in to make sure everything was in tip top shape. Thanks Martin!"
    Name: Michael C.

  • "Martin has now been my Realtor on three successful real estate transactions, and every one was handled with utmost professionalism and incredible personalized service that was way beyond my expectations. Whenever there was an issue that came up, he handled it in a positive and proactive manner and always came up with meaningful solutions. I will not use anyone other than Martin and will recommend him to anyone looking for a highly skilled Realtor. Thank you for everything Martin!"
    Name: Stanley B.

  • "I have utilized Marty as my real estate consultant for several years. This involved a number of homes that I was interested in acquiring. His property evaluations, conclusions and recommendations have provided me with a wealth of information and insight that I would not have received from any other Realtor. He takes my investments as seriously as if they were his own. He is the only Realtor I would use, period."
    Name: Paul Q.

  • "Martin was my agent for the sale of my home in Lake Forest. He was precise, knowledgeable and very detail orientated. He made my transaction very easy to understand throughout the process of placing it on the market, negotiations and closing. Thank you. I would recommend him to my friends and family and tell them to look no further."
    Name: Renee N.

  • "Very professional and really helped with an extremely complex home sell that involved multiple contingencies. He did a great job of determining a sale price and my home sold at our first open house for above the asking price, and we had multiple offers.”
    Name: Laura W.

  • "His integrity, focus on customer service, and attention to detail is unsurpassed"
    Name: Richard S.

  • "Marty has shown a remarkable passion and dedication to the real estate industry. He seems to have an endless knowledge of everything related to real estate. I have utilized his services in the past, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who requires a highly qualified Realtor."
    Name: Allen J.

  • "If you need a great Realtor in Orange County look no further than Martin! Knowledgeable, caring, smart, detail oriented... he will take the time to give you all the information you need to make a great decision. First time home buyers are his specialty. For self employed borrowers he has special programs to help you qualify."
    Name: Jackie B.

  • "I was so satisfied with Martin's service. He is very patient and responsible. He always responded quickly and arrived at the appointed place earlier. I strongly recommend him for your service."
    Name: Chunmei C.

  • "Marty represented us for the sale of our home in Irvine. Having bought and sold several properties with different realtors, I truly appreciated Marty's professionalism. He was able to answer our questions and concerns in a timely manner. He also did a great job negotiating with the buyers to make the sale for us at a fair price. What I found most impressive was his depth of knowledge. Not only does Marty have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market, he also understands the architecture of the property and how that will appeal to certain buyers. He was able to use that knowledge to help us sell our home and I highly recommend Marty for any real estate transaction. Thank you, Marty"
    Name: Donna & Chad T.

  • "I would not hesitate one moment in seeking his advise, or recommending his services to anyone who is looking to buy or sell Real Estate"
    Name: Kirk N.

  • "I was immediately impressed with Marty's knowledge and experience in Real Estate because it is vastly different from other Realtors I have worked with."
    Name: Brooks W.

  • "Martin is one of the hardest working professionals I have known. He is very creative and delivers on what he commits to. I would trust him with my business and to always look out for my interests...A real man of integrity with a strong work ethic." 
    Name: Robert W.

  • "For the second time in two years we had to lease our house. Since Marty helped me last year I thought I should call him gain. As usual he responded promptly and not only he listed the property, but he helped getting it ready for new tenants. The new tenants had some concerns with the lease. He addressed their concerns very professionally. It only took one week to lease our house. Marty is a very nice agent to deal with, he is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, punctual and very friendly person to work with. I am sure Marty is the agent I would be using for all my real estate needs."
    Name: Darvish J.

  • "First of all this is a long overdue review as I have been very busy since the move and wanted to provide and accurate and detailed description of Martin.
    Once again Martin please accept my sincere thanks for helping me out with my move and transition from the east coast (New York). We met Martin when we were initially looking at real estate purely of curiosity at one of the open houses. The first and probably most important aspect about him that we noticed was how much time he spent with us, how knowledgeable he was regarding the real estate business and local area, as well as housing in general, and how easy and personable he was. One year later we contacted him for help with our rent for relocation. Our experience with him has been an absolute pleasure. I think to make is easier to read, and so I don't keep repeating myself I will just list some of the things that stand out in my memory.
    1. Over the past 10 years we have dealt with few real estate agents. Most of which were good experiences. However, Martin easily tops my list for the following reasons.
    1. Unparalleled knowledge with regards to real estate, house contractions, area knowledge.
    2. His attention to details is absolutely amazing. I think of myself as a very detail oriented person and work in an industry where its a top priority. I think Martin is extremely detail oriented and does not miss anything.
    3. His personalization to the customer is simply exceptional.
    4. Amount of Time spent with the customer as I mentioned is something I have never experienced before. 5+stars.
    5. Professionalism is by far 5 starts.
    6. Honesty which is not something often found in this business is something that stands out right away when I would recommend him.
    7. Always responsive to your questions and needs, and always follows up.
    8. Full of amazing advices.
    9. Dedication: the amount of time he spent looking for us at different properties was extremely impressive.
    10. Just a good and super interesting person to talk to.
    By the way those are in no particular order.
    I would without a doubt recommend him to any friend or family with any real estate needs.
    I would like to point out I am not typically a person that does much reviews for anything. In fact I think this is a second review I have ever written. But I would not be able to think of myself a descent and professional person if I did not write a review for Martin.
    Once again thank you so much and we will be contacting you soon for our house purchase."
    Name: Taras & Maria P.

  • "Martin was very helpful in helpings us find a place to rent. He genuinely seems like he cares about his clients. We were in a hurry to find a place in a short amount of time, and Martin was able to help us. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a place to rent or buy."
    Name: Ryan H.


Bought and sold all within a month. Marty was an essential key to this success. Patient and thorough, full of information, goes...
- Barbara N.

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